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In Turkey [solidarity demonstration to the Uighur people] | [View ... The manuscript is written in the airport lobby of Skopje. I heard that Skopje [North] or people can be seen that it is the capital of the Republic of Macedonia is not the few. In addition, the old days if Shojire doubt that excellent that such although it was Macedonia [or from time became the "north" Macedonia], the reader's equivalent international communication of. Honestly, not a few that I also did not know to come here. This business trip is a Balkan peninsula was long overdue. Having said that, the former Yugoslavia [one of the border, one of the Republic], it is a mass of ethnic regions, such as the really complex problems epitome of the Balkan part of Europe. To know the region it does not start is to not look at the former Yugoslavia Republic and Kosovo. For starters it's mean that this time of Kosovo and Northern Macedonia business trip. Balkans history, has always been a grass field in the supremacy battle of the forces of Europe Middle East Asia. For border Rikutsuzuki often, hegemony battle here is always [zero-sum] game, that is, that someone is always draw a joker, a really sad ending.

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